Cebr study finds remote workers get 105 hours more leisure time a year

A new report suggests that remote work arrangements aren’t just beneficial to workers, but they could also be good for business in more ways than one.

There are plenty of draws to having a job that allows you to work from home β€” nixing a daily commute being just one of them. And according to one new analysis, that daily convenience, along with boosted productivity by avoiding the distractions of office life, could add up to an extra 105 hours of free time per year per remote worker.

β€œOn any given day, the average employee spends nearly 65% of their time on busy work and in meetings, 20% searching for information and just 15% β€” or 1.2 hours a day β€” on the meaningful and rewarding work they were hired to do,”

While meetings have their place at work – like bringing out creativity and expanding your mind to other viewpoints through the other persons – they also consume a lot of time so that sometimes there can be a little time left for deep work.

"In turn, a remote work arrangement could afford employees more time to attend to personal matters like grocery shopping, paying bills, doing housework and spending time with family"

I really like that about remote work. The ability to live your life more freely. There is other stuff in life than work.
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