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Talarian is a small, growing, and profitable software company that is building the future of spreadsheet-driven business applications. Some of our products include YAMM, Awesome Table, and Form Publisher. They are used and loved by millions and some of the most popular products in the Google Workspace marketplace.

Our company is around 30 people, remote-first and global, all highly motivated and dedicated.

We’re a transparent organization. Important metrics and numbers are communicated to all team members. Decisions are discussed collaboratively, not behind closed doors. If you value being part of the discussions on how to shape the future of the product, by giving your input, weighing in and being heard, then you might just be happy to work with us.

Our product values are: simplicity, empowerment, and getting out of the way.

We take great pride in providing useful products and awesome customer service.

Remote work culture

Asynchronous communication
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As a fully-remote company, we of course communicate mostly in writing via email, google docs and spreadsheets, and sometimes Slack. However, verbal communication has its value, and we hold meetings when they're the best communication solution.
We insist on good communication, whether written or verbal, as it is the least one can do when consuming other people's time.

Company retreats
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In October 2021, we went to Taormina, Sicily for our first offsite, hiking on the Etna and visiting the magnificent greco-roman theater. We will do those hopefully twice per year.

Flexible hours
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The only imperative is to be here during the very short and infrequent meetings we have, and when it's needed for a release.

Light meetings
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Open communication
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Communicating is not easy. The least one can do is make it easy for others to understand what they are saying. That means speaking in concrete terms: time, people, topics. No conceptual theory or abstract bullshit.

Work with the founder
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Agile development
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We are very agile, meaning that we do not use any set methodology. We review short-term priorities daily, and long-term priorities monthly

Continuous delivery
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We use Github Actions and Sonarcloud

Daily standups
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Each team syncs daily for 15min, and weekly for longer, in order to make sure priorities are aligned, accounting for potential issues that occurred during the night.


Remote jobs at Talarian

Remote team locations

Talarian is working remotely from 6 cities like India, Atlanta and Philippines across 18 countries like France, Ireland and Turkey.


Lightweight productivity tools that delight people
🌃 22 cities
🌎 18 countries
⌚️ 9 timezones

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