Tiny India is a company that makes more companies. It's a venture studio. Yes, we will invest, buy, and do all the wonderful stuff as well. But the focus will be on starting more companies.


Asynchronous communication
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We work asynchronously. We only do weekly email updates. We don't even use Slack. We want everybody to have as few as possible notifications and the mini panic attack with each of them (you know what I mean.)

No daily calls
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We don't do daily/weekly calls.

Flexible hours
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Open communication
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New ideas are encouraged, not killed. When you hire smart people, they are brimming with ideas. Very often, these are killed at most other workplaces. Here, these are encouraged. Eg. We encourage it if you can assemble an internal team and ship an MVP of a new SaaS product.

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Everybody has the freedom to make an informed decision. All they have to do is to collect enough data to make a decision.


Remote team locations

Tiny India is working remotely from 2 cities like Victoria and Gurugram across 2 countries like Canada and India.

Tiny India

We start and buy wonderful companies
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