Tulsa for Remote Workers

Work remotely from Tulsa, Oklahoma with a population of 400,000 people and $128,934 median home price. There are currently 2 remote companies like GitLab and Mediavine with team members working from Tulsa.

Kristin Musulin · 3mos

Tulsa Remote lures in Bay Area techies

Nearly 600 of those applications have come in from the Bay Area, which is now the program's biggest market. Several San Franciscans — many of whom work for tech giants including Apple, Amazon and Google — have moved forward with the relocation to Tulsa.

sarah holder · 3mos

The Great Tulsa Remote Worker Experiment

The first class of hand-picked remote workers moved to Tulsa, Oklahoma, in exchange for $10,000 and a built-in community. The city might just be luring them to stay.

Median home price
Remote work incentive

Remote companies (2)

There are 2 remote companies with team members in Tulsa like GitLab and Mediavine hiring in 2021 for remote jobs.