A safe and global way to use your money
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At Xapo, we’re building a way for users all over the world to send, receive, spend, and store their money globally and safely. We're firm believers that no matter who you are or where you're from, you deserve easy access to digital financial services.

Launched in 2014 by Wences Casares (CEO) & Federico Murrone (COO), Xapo has made an unparalleled investment in security infrastructure, assembled a renowned advisory board, and raised $40M from top venture capital firms in Silicon Valley & the world.

Xapo is a fully distributed company with a global, remote workforce in over fifty countries. We hire the best – and in exchange we offer autonomy, flexibility, meaningful work, a collaborative team environment, and top tier compensation, regardless of your location.

Remote work culture

Asynchronous communication
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Company retreats
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We have two annual offsites: one with the whole company and one with your team.

The main objective of the whole company offsite is for us to connect and bond in person. Each year we choose a new global destination - often somewhere where we can explore an innovative payment system. For example, in 2018 we went to Kenya and had a special activity using M-Pesa, a mobile money service.

The purpose of the team offsite is to review the past year, plan for the next year, and work as a team in person. The locations of the team offsites also change every year, and each team goes somewhere different.

Flexible hours
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Agile development
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Continuous delivery
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Daily standups
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Remote Work Tools

Zoom Video Conferencing, Web Conferencing, Webinars, Screen Sharing

We conduct all interviews via video conference using Zoom.

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Remote team locations

Xapo is working remotely from 6 cities like New York, London and Berlin across 55 countries like Spain, United States and India.


A safe and global way to use your money
🌃 194 cities
🌎 55 countries
⌚️ 16 timezones

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